Monday, June 27, 2011

Know Your Genes

For everyone interested in genetics Southern Beef Technology Services in Australia is running a series of Webinars over six weeks which are free to take part in.   These started on Monday, June 20th, 2011 - New Zealand time 10 pm.

Topics being covered are:

1. DNA Technology - Understanding the Basics
2. Utilising DNA for Parentage Verification
3. Managing Genetic Conditions with DNA
4. Utilising DNA to Change Type Traits
5. Improving Production Traits with DNA
6. Assessing the Cost-Benefit of DNA Technology

The fourth webinar should be of particular interest and use to anyone wanting to breed polled Miniature Herefords.

You can register by going to and clicking onto the Webinar section.

Having already taken part in previous webinars I can recommend these as being well worth attending.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Results of First Virtual Cattle Show For Miniature Herefords - June 2011

With eleven competitors from Australia, the United States and New Zealand and a total of sixty-three entries across the twelve classes this has been a small but successful start to a new type of showing.   There has been enough positive feed back to warrant holding it again next year and it seems the month of June is probably the best time but this will be confirmed.   The programme will be much the same but with a few adjustments to bring it in line with more serious competitions.   There will also be an effort to find sponsors from each of the competing countries who could supply real prizes to the place getters.
A common comment was the appreciation of being able to view Miniature Herefords of similar ages in the different countries.   This gives current and aspiring breeders new ideas for developing and improving their own breeding programmes.   A sharing of experiences is always helpful.
Results of the twelve classes are:
Class 1 -  Senior Cow 3 yrs and over with calf/calves at foot

             2nd - SS Miss Elizabeth and calf.

1st AMH Babette and calf.
3rd - Grovenorth Abby and calf

1st - AMH Babette and calf.   Julie Stott, New South Wales, Australia.
2nd – SS Miss Elizabeth and calf.  Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA
3rd – Grovenorth Abby and calf.  Janet Poole, Northland, New Zealand

Class 2 - Junior Cow 2 yrs with/without calf/calves at foot

1st - WW Golden June                                                              2nd - AMH Doretta   

3rd - Boomer Creek Katie and calf         

1st  - WW Golden June.   Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA
2nd – AMH Doretta.  Julie Stott, New South Wales, Australia
3rd -  Boomer Creek Katie and calf - Joy Walters, Tasmania, Australia
Class 3 – Yearling Heifer

                1st - Boomer Creek Marilyn                                         2nd - Riverlets Sparkler


                                                          3rd - O5's B=Day Joy
1st -  Boomer Creek Marilyn - Joy Walters, Tasmania, Australia
2nd – Riverlets Sparkler – Janet Poole, Northland, New Zealand
3rd - 05’s B=Day Joy – Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA

Class 4 – Heifer Calf

1st - WW Tinker Bell

                                                                                                   2nd - Ruzak Park Kraka      

3rd - Grovenorth Delilah       

1st – WW Tinker Bell – Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA
2nd – Ruzak Park  Kraka -  Carole Steele, Oamaru, New Zealand
3rd – Grovenorth Delilah – Alistair Hargrove, Northland, New Zealand

Class 5 – Senior Bull 3 yrs and over

1st - Baringup Billy the Kid                                                        2nd - Boomer Creek Jonno


                                                              3rd - Boomer Creek Jumbo

1st - Baringup Billy the Kid - Jennie Menzies, NSW, Australia
2nd Boomer Creek Jonno – Joy Walters, Tasmania, Australia
3rd – Boomer Creek Jumbo – Julie Stott, NSW, Australia

Class 6 – Junior Bull 2 yrs

             1st - WW Sam's Gold E                                                 2nd - Ensedemash Energy

1st – WW Sam’s Gold E – Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA
2nd – Ensedemash Energy – Janet Poole, Northland, New Zealand

Class 7 – Yearling Bull

                2nd - WW Tom Thumb

1st - Boomer Creek Lyle

                                                        3rd - Ruzak Park Digger

1st – Boomer Creek Lyle – Joy Walters, Tasmania, Australia
2nd – WW Tom Thumb – Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA
3rd – Ruzak Park Digger – Janet Poole, Northland, New Zealand

Class 8 – Bull Calf

1st - Boomer Creek Impact                                     2nd - WW Prince William

                                                       3rd - Riverlets Patrick

1st – Boomer Creek Impact – Joy Walters, Tasmania, Australia
2nd – WW Prince William – Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA
3rd – Riverlets Patrick – Janet Poole, Northland, New Zealand

Class 9 – Group Entry

                  2nd - Group of Bulls and Heifers

1st - Family Trio                                                                                                                     

                                                          3rd - Frodo and Friends

1st – Family Trio – Julie Stott, NSW, Australia
2nd – Group of Bulls and Heifers – Jennie Menzies, NSW, Australia
3rd – Frodo and Friends – Joy Walters, Tasmania, Australia

Class 10 – Scenic Photo including Miniature Herefords


                                                     1st - Cattle in Bushland



                                              2nd - Cattle near the seaside

3rd - Cattle in Hill Country
1st – Cattle in Bushland – Jennie Menzies, NSW, Australia
2nd – Cattle near the seaside – Joy Walters, Tasmania, Australia
3rd – Cattle in the Hill country – Janet Poole, Northland, New Zealand

Class 11 – Entertainment with Miniature Herefords

1st - "Go ahead, make my day!"     

2nd - "Wonder how much bull power this has?"                3rd -  "Watch my tail!"

1st - "Go ahead, make my day!" - Ruth Blaikie, Northland, New Zealand
2nd – “Wonder how much bull power this has?” – Julie Stott, NSW, Australia
3rd – “Watch my tail!” – Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA

Class 12 – Viewers’ Choice

       1st - Miniature Hereford Enthusiasts                               2nd - Never too young to start

3rd equal - Four Young Ladies                                                    Mother and Child

Evening Supper
1st – Miniature Hereford Enthusiasts – Kirstie Kasch, Texas, USA
2nd – Never too young to start – Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA
3rd Equal – Four Young Ladies – Alistair Hargrove, Northland, New Zealand
                    Mother and Child – Julie Stott, NSW, Australia
                    Evening Supper – Jennie Menzies, NSW, Australia

A big thank you to all who took part, all who helped organize and run the event, the Judges and all who gave us useful feedback for another show.   For those of you who would like to compete next year start taking photos now.   A hint from the Judges was that three photos comprising side view, front and rear made their job easier as they had a more ‘complete’ picture of the animal.   The schedule of classes can be seen on with minor alterations shortly.   If the numbers grow we may have to look at running Regional, National and then a final International Virtual Show with place getters from each going on to the next competition.
Remember, it is open to anyone who is a Miniature Hereford enthusiast providing you meet the entry criteria for the classes.

Monday, June 20, 2011

First Virtual Cattle Show Small But Successful

The months of preparation paid off with eleven competitors from around the world taking part and sixty-three entries over all the twelve classes.   From various avenues of feedback it looks like it is to become a fixture with more people wanting to take part next year.

Great photos were sent in and all were published on the Australian Miniature Hereford Breeders Network website in their respective classes.   The effort made to present the cattle as well as possible showed and this led to interesting discussions regarding the similarities or differences of same age animals.

      Senior Bull from New Zealand                   Senior Bull from Australia

Two Judges from New Zealand and two from Australia had the task of making choices along with the Viewers' Choice poll which was an effective way of selecting place getters.   Although no prizes were available for this first internet show it is hoped to find sponsors in the countries to which competitors belong who will provide some form of awards next year.   The complete list of this year's place getters will be seen on the AMHBN website at .

The Scenic class had some beautiful photos which showed the type of country some of the Miniature Herefords are in.   For next year maybe photos at different times of the year will reinforce the claim that the Hereford breed is capable of surviving almost anywhere.                        

                  Minis in the NSW bush                                       Minis browsing in Tasmania

Photos in the Entertainment class evoked much laughter.   The easy temperament of the Hereford was obvious here as the animals seemed quite unfazed with their situations.   A great recommendation for owning this smaller version of the Hereford breed especially for lifestyle blocks and for encouraging youth participation in showing and breeding.

       Go on - make my day!  (NZ)                                         In the (dog)box - Tasmania               

Willingness of people on both sides of the Tasman and from further overseas to become involved with this new way of exhibiting their Miniature Herefords was a big help to the organisers and has shown others that anyone can take part.   You don't need to be a professional photographer and many "on the spot" photos turn out to be one in a million.   An advantage is being able to handle or get near your cattle, not just for showing purposes but also for their every day management.

Never too young - 3 year old handler           Never too old - 16 year old Mum and calf
                 (USA)                                                                          (NSW)

In the future, if numbers grow, it may be necessary to look at holding a series of Virtual Shows leading up to the one major show.   That could be in the form of Regional Shows with the place getters going forward to a National Show and likewise the place getters from that taking part in an International Show.   Each country could be responsible for holding their own Virtual Shows but would be assisted in setting them up.   The International Show could then be run by a panel of representatives drawn from the different countries.   Anyone connected with Miniature Herefords will be able to take part regardless of whether or not they are affiliated to an association providing their entries meet the established criteria.